10 Up-and-Coming Cities for Tech Jobs

Are you hoping to jumpstart your career in technology but don’t know where to look? Just because a city is saturated with people and jobs doesn’t make it an ideal city for anyone. We’ve compiled a list of up-and-coming cities for tech jobs and startups that can help both jumpstart your career and start a new chapter.

1. St. Louis, Missouri

Many now see the mid-western city of St. Louis, Missouri as a new hub for innovation and tech. With its diverse city geography, low costs of living, and strong university systems, this metropolitan area serves as a focus point for tech startups and job opportunities. An increase in startups has led to the development of the Cortex Center, an innovation community focused on research, tech, and entrepreneurial exchange. Additionally, the T-Rex Facility, a nonprofit technology startup incubator, has led to the creation of 4,000 new jobs and houses over 215 growing companies. Plus, the development of both Cortex Center and TREX creates a strong tech future for St. Louis, Missouri.

Tech Companies in St. Louis, MO: Gateway Inc., EaglePicher Tech, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, NewLeaf Symbiotics, Daugherty Systems

2. Tampa, Florida

A city known for its beautiful scenery and fun attractions, Tampa, Florida is a booming area for tech companies, jobs, and startups. As the largest tech hub in Florida, representing 25% of Florida’s tech jobs, Tampa houses more than 50 IT and software companies. As a result, this led to over 2,000 new opportunities in Tampa in the past two years. Innovative communities such as the Tampa Bay Wave, a nonprofit organization that works to support, build, and grow tech companies in the Tampa Bay area, have supported over 150 tech startups. With Tampa’s ideal culture for tech startups and job opportunities, it is the perfect time to look for new opportunities that have helped create some of the best excavating contractors in Tampa. Our career councilors in Tampa are here to help you find the next best opportunity. Whether you are an SEO in Tampa, IT support or digital marketer we are here to help you find the best opportunity for you.

Tech companies in Tampa: Tech Data, Jabil Inc., WellCare Health, Data Tech, ConnectWise

3. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan shifted its gears from the “Motor City” to the new global tech hub. With a relatively low cost of living and work, Detroit attracts many tech companies and startups. As the city’s entrepreneurship hub, TechTown Detroit supports tech startups to help grow and launch their business. Therefore, if you’re looking to move to Detroit in hopes to pursue a career in the technology field or to build your tech business, now is the time.

Tech companies in Detroit: Google, Compuware, General Motors, MarkerOS, Ambassador

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The industrial city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is quickly emerging into a technological hub for AI, robotics, and biomedical companies. Not only has this “Rust Belt” city turned into a popular tech hub for many large companies, it is also a vey affordable place to live and work. Plus, Robotics Row represents one of the most famous tech spots within the city located along the Allegheny River. In addition, it’s home to Edge Case Research.

Tech companies in Pittsburgh: Gridwise, Hospital IQ, Rapid Flow Technologies, Immersive Systems

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Looking to relocate to the southeast region? A growing city for a number of industries served as one of the most significant tech hubs for both companies and those looking for tech opportunities in Atlanta. With its relatively low cost of living, diverse community, and strong university systems, more companies look to grow their industries and relocate to Atlanta. Home to the fourth largest tech village in America, the Atlanta Tech Village focuses on expanding and creating successful tech spot startups.

Tech companies in Atlanta: Microsoft, MailChimp, Infor, Charter Global Inc., SalesLoft

6. Raleigh, North Carolina

Known as one of the most cost-affordable places to live, Raleigh, North Carolina keeps expanding its tech scene. With a high demand for tech jobs and specialties in AI and IT, many tech companies and startups search for qualified candidates to fit these positions.

Tech companies in Raleigh: Pendo, Red Hat, Bandwidth, Cisco Systems, IBM

7. Colorado Springs, Colorado

For both quality of life and job opportunities, Colorado Springs is rapidly emerging as a tech-focused community for opportunities and startups. With a high demand for tech jobs, put Colorado Springs on your radar for growing opportunities.

Tech companies in Colorado: Formstack, Cherwell, Altia

8. Baltimore, Maryland

The East Coast city of Baltimore, Maryland has an economy that makes tech startups and opportunities ideal. Future development plans of a “Cyber Town USA”, which will be located in Port Covington, hope to draw in cybertech companies and bring in high-paying jobs.

Tech companies in Baltimore: ZeroFOX, Protenus, Terbium Labs, Tratify

9. Miami, Florida

A city best known for its beaches and tourism, Miami, Florida is now widely considered an up-and-coming tech hub for South Florida. In the midst of a tech-focused transformation, many companies see Miami as a city of opportunity. More specifically, in 2017, Miami was named the number one Startup Capital in the United States. Tech industries such as Healthcare Tech and Cybersecurity are growing even more in Miami. Opportunities in Miami are plenty and through a career counselor in Miami the best and highest paid opportunities are attainable.

Tech companies in Miami: OPKO Health, CareCloud, Neocis, Zudy, itopia

10. Nashville, Tennessee

The country music city of Nashville, Tennessee has quickly emerged into a thriving tech community. With the development of Ernst & Young’s EY EDGE Center, which expects to create over 600 jobs over the next few years, along with other startup resources such as TechFed Nashville, there are growing possibilities for the city’s tech community. On top of creating the best tech scene in Tennessee. Opportunities in Nashville are plentiful and is also home to some of the best food in Tennessee, make sure you check out some of the best restaurants in Nashville when you roll through this town! By getting a career councilor in Nashville you can be sure to find an opportunity that best suits you.

Tech companies in Nashville: axialHeathcare, Built Technologies, Inc., Lucent Health Solutions Trail Cameras