Below are the most commonly asked questions concerning IT Resources. If you should have any additional questions, please contact us at (813) 749-7538.

What are the in-demand tech jobs, skills, and associated salaries?
Even in a sector as healthy as IT, there a few roles that seem to stand out from the rest. Our guide offers a profile of a few of the more in-demand jobs as well as some of the skills/experience to select for.

Does working with a headhunter/recruiter cost me anything?
Working with an IT headhunter or recruiter does not cost the job seeker anything. Our fees and efforts are covered by the employer seeking to fill current open IT positions. Working with an IT recruiter provides you with opportunities to interview for IT jobs that may not be published, giving an advantage over other IT job seekers.

As a candidate, how does the placement process work?

Although a formal process, our process is fun and personable in order to better understand how you could fit in a specific position. When a position becomes available, and you possess the skills and talent that match it, we setup a phone or in-person interview to go over the current opening with you. We may ask questions specific to the company needs to determine our next steps. If everything aligns well, we will then proceed with either a phone or in-person interview directly with the company. Along the way, we will work with you to discuss interview best practices and provide support during the process.

How do you find qualified IT candidates?

Finding qualified IT candidates is a balance of art and science. The art lies in our years of experience of knowing how to identify people and their desires and vision of an ideal job position. The science is qualifying their skillset and experience as it pertains to a company’s goals and objectives. Our network is vast and continues to grow with our connections in the Florida market for highly-skilled technology professionals. Through continual communication with IT professionals currently in the local workforce, or just moving into our area, we have the ability to provide your company with the talent you require.

Why should my company consider using an IT recruiter?

Information technology recruiters are extremely helpful and cost effective when it comes to identifying and placing talent within your company. Depending on the size of your company, your internal HR department may be receiving tens of hundreds of resumes for various internal positions. Our job as an IT recruiter is to understand your objectives and needs, and then have you interview only top candidates that align to your objectives. This saves time and provides for an effective placement as your company continues to grow.