Soft Skills for 2022 that Employers Require

“Don’t be soft.”

We’re sure you’ve heard that before, especially in the professional world. Most of us learned that to land a job and make good money, you should work hard and stay educated.

However, hiring managers don’t just care about your hard skills. Now, employers also prefer viewing your list of soft skills to determine your level of success at their company.

Displaying soft skills for 2022 and beyond can directly impact not only how well you fare at a company but if they even hire you. Some important soft skills hiring managers look for help determine how you work with others, how you solve issues, and how you meet deadlines.

Softs Skills Definition

If you intend to successfully navigate the future job market, we recommend being a softy. We can define soft skills as the interpersonal skills a candidate possesses that enable them to work seamlessly. Candidates should possess both technical skills that relate to the role as well as soft skills for 2022.

Boston College, Harvard, and the University of Michigan participated in studies that emphasized that soft skills training in communication and problem-solving. Results indicated that those who exemplified important soft skills boosted both productivity and retention by 12 percent. Furthermore, these companies reported a 250% return on investment. Lastly, research from the National Soft Skills Association reports that 85% of jobs success comes from having well-developed soft skills.

The bottom line is that to obtain your dream job and move through the ranks, you must develop a soft skills list.

Softs Skills for 2022

1. Innovative Problem-Solving

One of the top soft skills for 2022 that hiring managers look for includes innovative problem-solving. If you find a defect in a line of code, that shows employers you hold technical skills as a QA Tester. But how do you work with your team to resolve the issue? Do you blame it on the developer so it appears that you do your job well? Or do you strategize solutions that would be beneficial for the team so ultimately the client who receives the software feels satisfied?

Employers prefer hiring candidates who show no fear of taking on a challenge. Therefore, when answering questions in your interview, describe how you solved problems. Hiring managers look for innovative solutions rather than a no-brainer.

2. Conflict Resolution

Where there is teamwork, there is conflict. Reputable companies should not expect even the greatest minds to work together flawlessly. When conflict rears its ugly head, employers want to see how you handle it.

When a dispute occurs, you can either waste time arguing or do your best to find a solution. The presence of conflict can reduce productivity and can eventually lead to high turnover if not properly addressed. Candidates who resolve conflicts show important soft skills that lead to leadership roles. Moreover, they act as moderators while staying rational during difficult times.

3. High Emotional Intelligence

If one has emotional intelligence (EQ), they have the ability to perceive, react, and respond to their emotions as well as others. It is imperative to be able to keep your emotions stable when working with others because your emotions can easily affect the people around you. 

Hiring managers seek those who model these skills while making business decisions or receiving constructive criticism. In addition, many studies show a high EQ directly correlates to job satisfaction 

4. Positive Work Ethic

As stated, emotions can easily affect your coworkers. Furthermore, energy is contagious. By bringing a positive mindset to difficult situations, you can see it multiply throughout the workplace.

A candidate embodies a positive work ethic when their attitude shows they are dedicated to their job, even during hard times. You have genuine value for both your work and your company. Plus, you show your coworkers that you are responsible, dependable, productive, and collaborative.

5. Adaptability

Kodak assumed film would always have a place in the world. Blockbuster lost track of digital streaming. Yahoo stuck to email while Google paved way for several different avenues.

To achieve and keep any success, one must adapt. This is true in any scenario, businesses and individuals alike. Candidates who adapt to change also expect it and are thus highly motivated and not easily discouraged. They hold many leadership qualities and quickly move up an organization’s ladder.

This is especially true in the tech sector. If you aren’t ahead, you’re behind. Those who easily adapt from the old ways to the new can flourish in IT fields.

Improve Your Soft Skills for 2022

With all the changes in the workplace in the last year, it is critical to make sure you are confident in your soft skills before interviewing for a company. At IT Resources, we focus on information technology professionals. Our career counselors pair the most talented IT professionals with the best tech jobs for the future. As Florida expands, so make our connections in the market for highly skilled technology professionals. 

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