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    Why You Need an IT Staffing Agency in Alabama

    When you use our Alabama IT Staffing Agency, you can be assured of the best talent available in Alabama. As an IT staffing agency we build the bridge between recruiting companies in Alabama and professionals. A good staffing firm will emphasize on quality of their candidates rather than speed of recruiting or low cost of procuring a candidate. Several agencies in Alabama will present the same candidates to various companies which the companies themselves can find on their own if they wanted to commit the resources to doing so. Here are 8 ways you could determine which agency you should choose for either recruiting candidates in Alabama or when seeking employment opportunities.

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    8 ways to determine the right IT staffing agencies in Alabama

    1. Better quality of candidates or companies – Check to see if the candidates presented to you are really of superior quality when compared to the ones you have found yourself. You will be paying a recruitment fee anyway, so getting better candidates should be top priority. For job seekers in Alabama, do not blindly attend interviews. First get the company’s details and check to see if the companies are genuine and how long they have been in the market. If the agency wants a fee from you, you can avoid such firms.
    2. Exceptional recruiting skills – The firm’s recruiters should have ample search skills. They should be able to negotiate and hunt down the best talent or Alabama companies available. They should also be well versed with passive head hunting.
    3. Pool of passive talent – The best staffing agencies in Alabama will have a database of passive experienced professionals who may be interested in exceptional offers from bigger companies. Such professionals will be in contact with agencies that can offer better opportunities.
    4. Network to speed up process – A Alabama staffing firm will have excellent rapport with their candidates and have the know how to keep you on your career path. They will get more experienced and top positioned candidates via networking. Similarly, they build relationships with companies and therefore, are able to provide better opportunities to candidates, and are especially effective at ensuring wages keep up with demand.
    5. High potential and diverse candidates – A staffing firm in Alabama should not just lay emphasis on skills, experience and compensation alone. They should also look at candidates with high potential and who are dynamic. Firms should be able to find gems among stones.
    6. Persuasion skills – Recruiters in Alabama should be able to persuade passive candidates who are not looking for opportunities. Convincing such candidates is real talent. If the firm has such recruiters, it is worth the while.
    7. A big no to Employment hoppers – A staffing firm in Alabama that offers minimum guarantee of 1 year or at least 6 months’ candidate’s tenure with the company is a good choice. Any company cannot afford employment hoppers, unless it is short term employment.
    8. Less equals more – A recruiter will present fewer candidates especially for top positions. The focus being on placement, quality matters more than quantity. The Alabama recruiter who provides lesser number of candidates but with high quality is what companies look for. Companies do not wish to be burdened with interviewing several poor candidates; they prefer candidates already filtered by recruiters.

    Now that you know how to choose the right firm, it makes sense to also understand when you need to use their services.

    7 factors that explain when you should hire a recruitment firm in Alabama:

    1. IMMEDIATE NEED FOR TALENT – If your employees are over worked or feel stressed at work due to over load of job tasks, their capacity to work efficiently takes a back seat. Due to this, your business may suffer. It is time to recruit some good talent by utilizing the services of a staffing agency.
    2. IF YOU HAVE SEASONAL BUSINESS – You may need to increase your staff during peak business season like the tourism industry. They need full staff during the holiday season. If you employ full time staff all the year round, it will be counter-productive. Instead, recruiting through a staffing agency will work out better for your company since you could recruit staff on a temporary basis.
    3. IT RECRUITING BEST FIT – Interviewing several candidates and not finding the best fit can be frustrating. You may have to repeat the process until you find the right candidate. Instead, hiring a staffing agency will increase your chances of finding hidden gems.
    4. SPECIFIC SKILL SET FOR A LIMITED PERIOD – Your business may need a person with specific skill set for a special project. Training the existing employees is time consuming and risky. Moreover, the trained employee may not be proficient in the skill as well. This may end up in you losing the project to some other party. Your best bet would be to hire someone with those specific skills on a temporary basis through a staffing agency.
    5. LOW UNEMPLOYMENT COSTS – There may be times when you have to let go of your employees due to lack of work. In such situations you may have to pay unemployment claims. When you employ through an IT staffing agency Alabama, the unemployment claims are handled by the Alabama agency itself. This will help your business since your unemployment costs will be minimum or very low.
    6. HIRE AND KEEP OR FIRE – It is a good idea to first test if the candidate will fit into your business’ work culture. Hiring a person on a temporary basis will present an opportunity to work with him and determine if he fits the bill. You may have certain expectations for certain positions. You can identify if the person you have hired meets your expectations or exceeds or falls short.
    7. TIME CONSUMING RECRUITMENT PROCESS – Recruitment is a time consuming process especially if it is done the traditional way. You have to place ads, wade through dozens of resumes, filter eligible candidates, schedule interviews either through emails or make calls, conduct interviews, shortlist candidates, check references and check background information too. The whole process is time consuming and if an IT staffing agency in Alabama can take care of all these tasks you could simply utilize this time on running your business better.

    If you are in need of full-time or part-time, whether temporary, permanent or on contract basis, an IT staffing agency in the area is the right solution since it will offer you flexibility in the employment process.

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